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James Gunn is a working class writer from North West London. He's passionate about making sure that people like him have the resources and opportunity to have a career in the arts and are able to get through the door of the industry so they can have their voices heard. 

James' work is inspired by his upbringing in a single-parent family and the stories he tells are often based on the observations and experiences he has had through-out his life. 

His story-telling is an intelligent reflection of society, and themes of disadvantage, injustice, mental health and poverty are often at the forefront of his projects.

Whether it be a drama, comedy or a bit of both, James can write and create characters that jump off the page. He is open to offers of work and collaboration in all types of artistic medium. 

 James cites Ricky Gervais, Mike Leigh, Jimmy McGovern, Shonda Rhimes, Shane Meadows and Noel Clarke as just a few writers whom he gains inspiration from and hopes to be able to one day work alongside.

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